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Youth membership in Hankøbåt

As a youth member of Hankøbåt, you can use the youth boat. It is located in Ålekilen, Gressvik, and you can use it throughout the season from 1 May to 31 October. Check in digitally on site and unlock the boat. 

About the youth membership

The youth membership is for everyone under 19 and you do not need the boat driving test.  

Included in the membership are:

  • Booking all days in the season

  • Access to the youth boat, River 350 XR Red with 10hp Mercury outboard

  • It is located in Ålekilin, Gressvik

  • Easy onboarding, unlock the boat digitally

Membership price is NOK 1,580 per month. You commit for the season, that is NOK 9 480 in total. Petrol comes in addition, i.e. you fill up the tank after use. To register, you need a guardian if you are under 16.  You register at the bottom of this page.

About booking boats

You can book a boat for half a day (morning or afternoon), or a full day. If you are going to stay overnight, you book the boat for the afternoon and the following morning, or you deliver it before 9 in the morning.  


  • You can book two sessions at a time 

  • The sessions are: 

    • Morning (09-16)

    • Afternoon (16-23)

    • Full day, two sessions (09-23)

  • On weekends, Saturdays and Sundays with high demand, you can only book one session at a time. 


If you have other wishes beyond this, please contact Hankøbåt at 

You can read more about the i  terms of purchase.

Become a youth member of Hankøbåt

Become a youth member and get access to the youth boat in Gressvik

Not youth? Become a member of Hankøbåt


Do you want to give your employees sunny days at the lake? We also have membership for companies. Contact us and we will see what suits you best. 

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