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Hankøbåt membership 2023 season 

As a member of Hankøbåt, you can use all the sharing boats throughout the season from May 1st to October 31st. It is possible to book a free boat in all our ports at any time. Check in digitally on site and unlock the boat. 

About membership in Hankøbåt

To become a member, you must have passed the boat driving test or be born before 1980.

Included in the membership are:

  • Booking all days in the season

  • Access to the boats in all our ports in Oslo, Slevik v/Hankø and Gressvik v/Fredrikstad 

  • Easy onboarding, digital unlocking

  • Two active bookings at the same time 

Member price NOK 2,875 per month, 17 250 in total for the 2023-season. The binding period is for the season. Petrol comes in addition, i.e. the tank must be topped up after use. Apply for membership at the bottom of this page.    

About booking boats

You can book a boat for half a day (morning or afternoon), or a full day. If you are going to stay overnight, you book the boat for the afternoon and the next morning, or you deliver it before 9 am in the morning.  


  • You can book two sessions at a time 

  • The sessions are: 

    • Morning (09-16)

    • Afternoon (16-23)

    • Full day, two sessions (09-23)

  • On weekends, Saturdays and Sundays with high demand, you can only book one session at a time. 


If you have other wishes beyond this, please contact Hankøbåt at 

You can read more about the i  terms of purchase.

Become a member of Hankøbåt 

Become a sunshine boat driver with access to all the sharing boats in Oslo, Slevik v/Hankø and Gressvik v/Fredrikstad

Are you under 19? Then you can become a youth member. 


Do you want to give your employees sunny days at the lake? We also have membership for companies. 
Contact us and we will see what suits you best. 

About the boats

Hankøbåt collaborates with River Boats AS, which is our supplier of boats.

River Boats are seaworthy quality boats manufactured in Norway since 1995 by the traditional Rotostøp AS in Ålekilin. Behind River Boats are Reidar and Christoffer, who both have design and engineering backgrounds. They have worked together in Hydrolift for many years before choosing to start on their own.

All boats from River Boats have the mandatory CE marking. The River boats have also been thoroughly tested and rated highly by DNV. Both the River 350 and 420 are classified in category C. "Category C applies to boats designed for use close to the coast. They must withstand significant wave heights of up to 2 meters and up to 6 (13.8 m/sec)”.

The boats are produced in the environmentally friendly material polyethylene, which is extremely impact-resistant and durable with minimal maintenance. The boats have a very practical, user-friendly design, which has also been awarded the MFGD (Merket For Good Design by the Norwegian Design Council). 

River Boats can be found at 75 dealers in Norway, as well as being exported to Hong Kong, Finland, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, the USA and Great Britain (

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